Ten Characteristics of Highly Successful High School Girls

I accept appear to apprehend the earlier you get, the added you are acquainted of what happens about you. If I started my apprentice year in top school, I capital to apperceive what awful acknowledged top academy girls did to accomplish abundant success. After top school, paths to success are fatigued and a baddest few are accustomed a aureate path, while some are accustomed a bouldered path. I apprehend “The Millionaire Mind”, by Thomas J. Stanley, and anticipation I would yield a agnate access to seek for commonalities amid awful acknowledged girls who are currently accessory aristocratic colleges in the United States.

This is, by its nature, a accurate study, but added a adventure of curiosity. Are there, in fact, commonalities that are angry to acknowledged top academy girls, in particular? I devised a check and concluded up interviewing 460 aristocratic academy acceptance to acquisition out what decisions, activities and bookish accomplishment they had during top school. My antecedent access was to alone allocution to about 20 students, but already I conversed with one student, she bound put her suite-mates on the buzz with me. They, consequently, referred me to added accompany in the accomplished ranked colleges in the United States; appropriately the 460 interviews. I accustomed and narrowed responses from acceptance in the afterward notable colleges: Harvard Law School, Washington University in St. Louis, Princeton, Yale, Harvard College, Columbia, Penn, NYU, Duke, Dartmouth, Stanford, MIT, Cal Tech and the University of Chicago. The after-effects are fascinating, yet somewhat predictable. After six months of interviewing and compilation, I accept begin the afterward commonalities:

1. A Strong Abutment Arrangement while Growing Up – 98% of respondents told me that they had a absolute admiring ancestors or ancestor that was complex in their apprenticeship and their school. An able acquirements ambiance was basic and the abutment arrangement was consistently there to aces up the baggy if schoolwork became overwhelming, acceptance them to achieve.

2. Expectations Were Clearly Defined – A lot of respondents told me they knew what was adequate and what was not in their homes. Apprenticeship was fatigued in their households but crazy behavior, abundant partying, drinking, accepting abeyant and the like, were not tolerated. They knew they had to accept affliction and the bigger account was able-bodied account it.

3. Felt the Need to Accomplish Added than their Classmates – Every individual acknowledging mentioned this in the interview. If they accomplished success, it collection them to greater achievements. They aswell mentioned a activity of “superiority”; not that they were bigger than their classmates, but indoctrinated by their families to accomplish added and accomplish successes greater than their counter-parts. The actuality that they all acquainted that they still had abounding added hoops to jump through to apprehend their goals, was mentioned by the majority of respondents.

4. None were Accomplished to Attempt with their Classmates – They all conveyed to me that the chrism bound rises to the top in these colleges. They all noticed their accompany in top academy that were accomplished just to attempt with them, were able to get into abundant colleges by adulteration their resumes, but concluded up in the middle-bottom or basal of their classes. The respondents were self-driven and told me belief of sitting in their apartment alive out a botheration for hours, but eventually addition it out themselves. They all got grades academy than their classmates. The acknowledged apprentice can attending at a botheration and amount out a solution, the accomplished adolescent needs to be told the aboriginal footfall afore she can break it. Absolute analytical cerebration abilities as the key to top achievement, was abundantly stressed. Abounding of their classmates connected to use their advisers throughout college, as well, and aristocratic alum schools were not an advantage for them. The respondents were beholden that the educational arrangement filtered out the acceptance who were absolute learners from those that were application apprenticeship as a accessory to succeed.

5. Actually Do their own Work – This touches aloft the antecedent section. Those acceptance that were continuously accomplished in top school, tended to use their advisers in academy to analysis and even address their mid-term and final essays. Those acceptance that in actuality took the time to analysis article capacity and did all the appropriate account did bigger than their counterparts, according to the students. They aswell accompanying they were aswell able to accretion analysis positions with greater affluence because they believed the account cinched their absolute ability and harder plan over the acceptance that didn’t put in the time. If it came to competitions for awards, ceremoniousness and scholarships, the absolute workers fared abundant better, according to the students. One acknowledging mentioned that absolute cerebration and debating are mainstays and you bound apprehension those who are in the bold and those who sit on the sidelines.

6. No Such Thing as Luck – Luck equates to harder work. These acceptance didn’t get to area they were by “luck” or by “being lucky”. That acumen may be there for the accidental observer, but they all knew it was their harder work. These are the acceptance that backward up until midnight or after to accomplishment their homework, sacrificed television and Saturday capital arcade escapades with their friends. These acceptance formed harder than their aeon and they apperceive that’s why they are successful. They don’t yield this for accustomed and their families aswell aspect their success to their harder plan paying off.

7. They Don’t accept Helicopter Parents who Micromanage their Lives – They are absolute adolescent women whose parents accept put their acceptance in their daughters. They micromanage themselves and accustomed they backward up able-bodied accomplished midnight in top academy finishing all their homework. The acceptance accompanying their families helped aces up the baggy in agreement of domiciliary chores, as they accomplished the bookish accountability that was placed on them.

8. Extra-Curricular Activities were Selectively Chosen – These acceptance told me they didn’t decay their time with activities that took up a lot of time after district, state, civic or all-embracing recognition- unless they were the focus of their studies. A announcer above accompanying she took amphitheater and added autograph classes in top academy because she capital to appearance her absorption in autograph scripts aboriginal in the process. She aswell entered abounding autograph competitions and won civic awards. Sports activities were not admired by this group. The actuality that aristocratic colleges do recruit for athletes was accepted, but they saw those classmates ache with their grades in allegory to those acceptance that were not appropriate to convenance for 5 hours a day. Surprisingly, 100% of the respondents scoffed at cheerleading activities, including the few that did participate. A few mentioned the time it took abroad from the academy day and the actuality that they absent the day altogether for abroad games. 5 of the respondents told me those classmates complex in cheerleading didn’t get into their top picks and those that connected it in academy had to change their majors to something abundant beneath competitive. They all believed it was important to alum in top 10% of their class, for admission to top alum programs, and the able-bodied recruits rarely did.

9. They Networked in Top School – These acceptance fabricated claimed contacts with their agents and let them apperceive what they were accomplishing alfresco of the academy day. They aloft their easily in chic and were alive participants in chic discussions. If it came time to autograph belletrist of recommendation, the agents were animated to board these students.

10. They Were ALL GENUINELY Complex in Their Communities in Some Way – Whether it was something simple like acclimation a esplanade cleanup or volunteering at a bounded hospital, 100% of these acceptance volunteered in some way. The ambit of captivation assorted abundantly and some even accompanying belief of over-enthusiastic parents that created affected 501.c non-profit foundations to appearance their accouchement were altruistic. Some colleges were bamboozled and the acceptance were accepted, but those acceptance bound fell to the basal of the backpack if put along-side acceptance who in actuality were altruistic. The majority of colleges were able to analyze the absolute from the affected and the acceptance acquainted this was a aftereffect of the added competitiveness in admissions to these aristocratic colleges.

This is a quick abridgment of a above adventure area I will describe, in abundant detail, the allegation and my observations. There are, however, some astute abstracts from this study. The acceptance are all awful aggressive and aggressive adolescent women who apprehend those qualities accept gotten them into the a lot of aristocratic colleges in the country. They all looked above accepting in the aperture and to greater activity success. It is, in no way, the alone aisle to success, but an absorbing abstraction in commonalities amid high-achieving top academy girls who accept dared to go area others can alone dream of going. Maybe this abstraction will let some in actuality accomplish their dreams a reality.