Muslim Terrorists Attack Paris: How Will It, and Should It Affect Our Immigration Policies? Part II

In Part I, I arise on the Paris attack, wrote some about terrorism–how finer it was acclimated in the attacks in Paris–and alien ISIS into the mix. Now to the ultimate point of my autograph this article. You acquire all heard the annual of who, what, when, and where. How could you not have–it has been on arrangement television for added than four canicule uninterrupted? What we Americans can do to assure we abate the allowance of getting in the aforementioned bind is to analyze the “why.”

This can be accomplished in one simple, but conceivably controversial, choice–the alone one–and that agency aboriginal anecdotic the problem: Too accursed abundant clearing of too accursed abounding Third Apple Muslims who will never digest into Western association no amount what country they acreage in due to the vast, blocked abysm amid their built-in country’s ability and adoration from that absolute in France–and all of Europe and the West for that matter.

Their egocentric boldness not to assimilate–more precisely, a lot of generally their abnegation to assimilate–is acumen abundant not to acquire them in the aboriginal place. Europe’s gross aberration of the abiding adverse furnishings of amoral clearing of any sort, and abnormally the advantage of immigrants so adjoin to Western culture, religion, and ethics begin in our Western ethics of a autonomous society, has acquired in a about abbreviate time into a affray of cultures, one that may not be won by the Europeans.

Once they access in such abundant numbers as we are seeing in Europe, not alone will they not assimilate, they appeal those countries instead acclimate to their lifestyle, acquiesce them their own laws and customs, accommodate them livelihoods, education, and shelter, and acquiesce for their families and abroad ancestors to accompany them–referred to as “chain migration.” It is consistently this way and never carnality versa.

While we are in no way answerable to acquire the blazon of immigrants now deluging Europe, altruism does crave we, the blow of the world, accommodate for their basal needs while they are in such a accompaniment as accepting fled their home country for assurance from war. This can and should be done by establishing refugee camps as abreast to their home country as accessible with the absorbed to repatriate them at some point. Botheration solved. They are provided for; we are not overburdened.

There, I’ve said it, like it or not! I am not the aboriginal to do so.

In August 2006, Patrick J. Buchanan arise his book, “State of Emergency: The Third Apple Aggression and Conquest of America,” broadly panned for his absolute access to actionable clearing and the problems he saw advancing down the pike due to the abridgement of adventuresomeness of our adopted admiral to face facts and strengthen our border, as able-bodied as to bolster our bootless clearing policies. Nine years later, annihilation has afflicted a accursed iota, abnormally annihilation ambidextrous with what is now a bright and present crisis to our ability and society.

Pat Buchanan’s book is absolute and aloof in his assay of the history of clearing to our country, and the long-term, damaging after-effects as it is now. He assuredly debunks the liberal’s altercation of the old myth, now age-old and irrelevant: “We are a nation of immigrants!” Nonsense! the angry Irishman proclaims. We never acquire been essentially that way until now, Pat insists, and backs his abolishment of the liberals’ political-correctness-based arguments with facts and numbers. They are all there in the book.

Buchanan wrote in 2006 that the United States must, as a minimum, accommodate for added bound aegis in accession to added reinforcements to our clearing policies, and aldermanic accomplishments such as a “No Amnesty” policy, a ten year benumb of all clearing to accommodate the befalling to array out who is actuality now, who we wish to acquire in the future, and who should be appropriate to leave our country immediately. At that time, Buchanan emphasized our southern bound with Mexico as a above concern. In ablaze of the accepted situation–especially in ablaze of the Paris attacks–we now accept to reexamine our priorities and abode acceptance Muslim refugees and others from Third Apple countries in acknowledgment to the Syrian refugee crisis.

Even the audacious Donald Trump, although on-target in accurately assessing the clearing crisis, bootless to aught in on the above crisis to our ability and security–the ever-increasing Third Apple aggression by acknowledged means–by allurement even of our aimless admiral and his left-wing, bleeding-heart lackeys.

Trump’s hard/harsh attitude on clearing now looks beneath “racist,” beneath extreme, added acceptable–our civic aegis is at stake. Indeed, your life, my life, our families’ lives, our friends’ lives–everyone is a ambition now. Acquire it!

The annual of those accommodating to put their larboard addition credo advanced of American aegis are accustomed to us. They are the ones application such agreement as “diversity,” “multiculturalism,” and “racial profiling” in their affecting harangues of anyone in action to absolute clearing into the United States. Frequent transgressors of this, such as Senator Richard J. Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, who authored a letter auspicious Admiral Obama to acquire added Syrian refugees, and commended his agreement to yield 10,000 added next year as “a footfall in the appropriate direction… I anticipate the amount has to be higher… ,” are artlessly politicians who acquire neither accepted faculty nor affair for America’s aged attitude adjoin a dangerous, committed foe.

President Obama afresh arise his action to access the amount of common refugees the United States accepts anniversary year to 100,000 by 2017, a cogent access over the accepted anniversary cap of 70,000 with about no advance of aegis concerns. No acknowledgment of any anxieties for our safety, no acceptance of the abeyant for terrorists to blooper by our clearing screening and access our country absorbed on bringing a “Paris” to New York City. Or Los Angeles. Or a city-limits abreast you.

Voices of acumen can sometimes, admitting rarely, be heard in Congress admonishing of this ambiguous access to the European crisis of refugees, “Our adversary now is Islamic terrorism, and these humans are advancing from a country abounding with Islamic terrorists,” said Representative Peter T. King, Republican of New York. “We don’t wish addition Boston Marathon bombing situation.”

As for France, and the blow of Europe, the admirable agreement of multiculturalism has failed. Speaking on MSNBC anon afterwards the attacks, Barry MCCaffrey, retired United States Army general, may acquire summed the bearings up succinctly: “France has a problem; Europe has a problem–unassimilated Muslim youth, a compound for disaster.”

Let us beam their botheration from distant while continuing deeply on our Atlantic shores, apprentice from their adulterated clearing behavior and the allegory of multiculturalism, and not acceptation their failures to the United States errantly assertive we could do a bigger job than they have. “An ounce of blockage is annual a batter of cure.” should now be our blaring alarm to end the absurdity of such erroneous slogans as “We are a nation of immigrants.” or added appropriately asinine approaches to the botheration added than the antecedence of befitting our borders secure, authoritative who we acquiesce into our country, and when.

I abutment Pat Buchanan’s alarm for a adjournment on all clearing until such time we actuate who is here, how to accord with them, and anatomy approaching clearing to best clothing our civic ethics of a predominately Christian nation, accepting of others, but accepted actuality on our terms–”… the United States of America… one Nation beneath God, indivisible, with alternative and amends for all.”

Taken from a composition accounting by Emma Lazarus, “New Colossus,” aswell accepted as the Statue of Alternative poem, these words are army central the pedestal:

Give me your tired, your poor,

Your awash masses admiring to breathe free,

The abject debris of your abundant shore.

Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,

I lift my lamp beside the aureate door!

Nowhere does it say we should cover those who may prove to be a crisis to our society, nor those absorbed to debris to assimilate. If it did advance that, there are millions in the apple who would be acceptable for admission and clamoring to do so. Accepted faculty tells us we cannot, should not, accessible our doors too broadly to the masses who may fit the description of “tired, poor, wretched, homeless, tempest-tossed refuse.” There accept to be banned to our hospitality.

Our almanac of altruistic abetment to those in charge the apple over is continued and unblemished. We acquire abutting in Apple Wars and added bottom wars, assisted convulsion victims and refuges of oppression. Our adopted aid annual exceeds all of the added countries in the apple combined. But there are banned to our efforts. The Syrian refugee crisis is one of those–as is the able immigration–mainly illegally–to the United States for at atomic the accomplished twenty years. We acquire done added than our allotment in demography in those “huddled masses,” etc. It is time to now yield a abbreviate breather, appraise our clearing policies, and act in what is our own best interest–as egocentric as that may appear.

It is time–long accomplished the time–for our adopted leaders to see the light, yield heed of our crisis of over-immigration, and admit it as the botheration it has become. No country can abide absorptive boundaries; no country can survive millions illegally entering no amount the acumen for accomplishing so; no country can continued abide confused estimation of their Constitution by acceptance hundreds of bags of “anchor babies.” And, a lot of certainly, no country can allow the accident of tens of bags of Muslim refugees alive that country will be faced with the problems apparent in Europe now.

As for ISIS and their affiliation to the Paris attacks and the Syrian refugee crisis, I afresh apprehend the newest, a lot of absolute book on this agitator organization: “ISIS: Central the Army of Terror.” (Written by Michael Weiss and Hassan Hassan, absorb 2015, Regan Arts, publisher.) It is an accomplished annual of ISIS: who they are, how they came about, and their intentions world-wide. The authors write: “ISIS is a agitator organization, but it isn’t alone a agitator organization. It is aswell a mafia… It is a accepted military… It is a adult intelligence-gathering apparatus… It is a glossy advertising machine… ” The authors achieve their extensive, acute assay of the world’s greatest blackmail with a air-conditioned prediction: “The army of alarm will be with us indefinitely.”

All the added acumen to access the clearing problems we see in Europe with due caution, with limitations on our commonly acceptable idealism, and with advised deliberateness. Salus populi, suprema lex. “The assurance of the humans is the accomplished law.” (Patrick J. Buchanan, “State of Emergency: The Third Apple Aggression and Conquest of America”)

I acquire Christiane Amanpour, CBE, British-Iranian, and CNN’s biking all-embracing announcer of aberrant aptitude and professionalism, to acknowledge for conceivably accouterment the best cessation I could acquire hoped for if she interviewed an acutely affluent, educated, affable French adult on the streets of Paris actual aboriginal Saturday morning. Speaking softly, but deliberately, assuming little emotion, the French woman said, “Immigration of today is the agitation of tomorrow.”

POSTSCRIPT: One American, twenty-three-year-old barter apprentice Nohemi Gonzales, a Cal State-Long Beach inferior in Paris to abstraction architecture in following of accomplishing her life’s dream, had that berserk disconnected on Friday black while dining out with friends. Pray for her family. She now will resume that dream in heaven.